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Xtreme Boards ™ (Second to none!)

Our Xtreme Boards are custom built in Europe. Over the last couple of years we have developed and tested various shapes together with Super talented shaper and board builder Luka Jures at the Flikka factory in Slovenia. We have decided on two final Xtreme shapes that will take your sailing to the next level and give you many years of trouble free ownership. Due to a superior construction and attention to details you can expect them to last way longer than the already generous 24 month construction warranty. All our boards are build in Hardcore carbon dyneema construction to ensure best possible performance.


Our quad wave swallow tail gives a very loose surfy feeling that takes you through the most slashy turns and “on the wave spin moves”

With four fins, a curvy rocker line and a medium compact outline our Quad makes you turn on a dime with full control. Give it an extra push and you can execute a well controlled slash-slide out of your cutback!

Designed for:

Full on no bars hold wave riding, indepent if it’s big down the line, or smaller cross on conditions.


Your “all in all” wave board

Three fins, medium curve rocker line and medium compact outline gives you a lightning fast board to smack the fattest lips in whatever conditions mother nature throws at you!

With the tri fin you will always feel at your best and push yourself to new levels in your sailing.